The TRANSMITTEREVO - the OEM customer solution from smartGAS

The measuring of gases has long since become standard in many applications. In the past, customers and developers were previously nevertheless often forced to adapt their applications and requirements to the gas measuring technology that was available at the time - we want to change this.

One example is our TRANSMITTEREVO, which we have developed for customers for whom their own device development and product is not economical due to small or medium quantities. With the TRANSMITTEREVO, we offer the option of adapting the front foil to suit the customer's design and adjusting the device to his application in the best possible way, using installed sensors from the BASICEVO-series. This means that the customer receives "his device" - without compromises!

  • "Ready to use" gas transmitter
  • (0)4 – 20 mA
  • Modbus ASCII / RTU
  • 12 - 24 V DC input voltage
  • All sensors from the basicEVO-range can be used
  • Front foil can be coordinated to customer designs

An important part of the TRANSMITTEREVO concept is ...

... the possibility of simple in-field calibration of the zero and span by using a special adapter to apply the precise amount of calibration gas.

Always according to the motto: Make it fit the application - not the other way round!

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