EVOPlus Controller for every FLOWEVO as add-on

Every FLOWEVO can be combined with an EVOPlus Controller

This open up the required application related customized solution

Product features:

  • Wide range Supply Power input 10..26VDC
  • FLOWEVO powered directly by EVOPlus Controller
  • Very Low Noise <±0.075%[FS] data output at short T90 Time < 3s
  • Directly connection to 12 and 24VDC passive PTC Heater
  • RS232 and RS485 Interface
  • Optional : High speed output rate up to 10Hz
  • Optional : Analog Output (2)4-20mA Interface isolated 3KV DC
  • Optional : Analog Output 0.2-1VDC Interface
  • Optional : Adjustable analog output setting
  • Optional : Active high accuracy adjustable Heat Control <±0.5K
  • Optional : Environment or Cuvette Pressure Compensation <±2mBar | <±0.2kPa
  • Optional : Customized Software Solutions

Usable for FLOWEVO Type I , II and III all cuvette length:

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